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Eminent Domain and Condemnation Lawyers and Attorneys in Cartersville, Georgia

Eminent Domain Attorneys in Georgia

At the Evans Law Firm, we specialize in eminent domain and condemnation matters throughout Georgia. We ensure that our clients are paid just and adequate compensation, not only for private property taken but also for consequential damage to the remaining land or business losses.

What is Eminent Domain?

Eminent domain (also called condemnation) is a legal process where a government entity or quasi-government entity (such as a power or utility company) takes private property for public use. Public uses may include building or changing roads and intersections, running water, and sewer easements, or erecting dangerous and invasive power lines. Takings of private property often have adverse effects on property owners. These adverse effects vary greatly but can range from serious devaluation of the remaining parcel of land to harming the property owner’s business operations on the property.

What is Inverse Condemnation?

Inverse condemnation occurs where a government or quasi-government entity substantially and adversely affects or takes land without going through the legal condemnation process and without offering compensation to the landowner. Our firm offers experienced representation to property owners facing this type of interference with their private property. Inverse condemnation most often arises in conjunction with nuisance or trespass issues.

Defending Property Rights in Georgia

Our condemnation law attorneys are experienced in defending property owners faced with loss of land or value through eminent domain. We provide committed and aggressive representation to private property owners throughout Georgia who are faced with condemnation actions by public utilities such as Georgia Power, the Georgia Transmission Commission (GTC), the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and others.

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