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Evans Law Firm is a statewide leader in power line, pipeline and highway condemnations. In Georgia, our eminent domain and condemnation attorneys will fight to protect your assets and stop the unlawful taking of your land.

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Evans Law Firm specializes in those areas of law most important to our clients:

Legal Definition of Condemnation Law: It is the process by which the Georgia legislature authorizes state agencies, cities, counties, and private corporations to exercise a legal right of “eminent domain” to acquire private property for public uses, such as streets, highways, or easements for railroads, electric transmission lines and natural gas or petroleum pipelines.

The power of Eminent Domain is not unlimited.  It’s subject to strict judicial control.  Nonetheless the right to take a home, a farm or business is often abused.  A landowner’s right to own, use and enjoy private property is just as strong, and includes the constitutional right to fair compensation when private property is taken or its value damaged.

We represent landowners and we enforce these rights.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys advocate for those accused of committing crimes, who are facing imprisonment and its resounding impacts upon their lives.

Experienced Georgia Attorneys

Since the firm’s inception, Evans Law Firm has specialized in protecting Georgia landowners. The firm has earned a reputation for successfully defending against forced takings of private property. Combining small town values with big city legal expertise, our attorneys handle eminent domain and condemnation matters all over Georgia from our base in Cartersville. Whether your property is commercial, residential, or agricultural and whether threatened by a power line, pipeline, highway, or other type of project our firm will fight to stop or limit the taking and ensure that you are justly and fully compensated. You should have peace of mind that your attorneys have only your best interests at heart. Unlike most eminent domain and condemnation attorneys, our firm never represents condemning authorities. We only fight for landowners. Our available contingency-fee representation model allows you to avoid upfront attorneys fees and conditions our payment on a favorable outcome in your case.


Eminent Domain

Under Georgia’s eminent domain laws, in certain instances, the government or a government entity may be permitted to take private property for public use. There are many acceptable forms of public use, including turning property into...


Under Georgia’s eminent domain laws, individuals can lose their property if the government declares the property “condemned.” When most people think about condemned property, they may imagine blighted neighborhoods where houses are...

Land Litigation

The lawyers of the Evans Law Firm represent private property owners with legal issues involving titles and boundaries, nuisance and trespass, riparian rights, unlawful water discharge, zoning and variances, easements and covenants.

Real Estate Law

At Evans Law Firm, our Real Property Litigation practice focuses on protecting property owners and their private property rights. We specialize in eminent domain and inverse condemnation litigation...

Criminal Defense

The attorneys at the Evans Law Firm empower every client with the experience, expertise, and preparation only an established law firm can provide. Experienced in state and federal criminal defense, we fight for...

Representation on Appeal

The Evans Law Firm represents clients who have been convicted of crimes in obtaining parole, reducing time served on probation, bringing petitions for habeas corpus, pursuing appeals of erroneous convictions...




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OBTAINED $1.7 million verdict for owners of commercial daycare business operated on a residential property in Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) taking in Bartow Co.

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